At the age of fourteen Phoebe Ohayon was hooked by electronic music. There was a whole new world out there that she embraced.  After a year or so her mother came back from the record shop with ‘’ Heimische Gefielde’’ from Dominik Eulberg. Phoebe was amazed and inspired; she had never heard such beauty and detail. From that moment on Phoebe got into more melodic electronic music. At the age of 16 she found some old Numark turntables at her dad’s place, installed these and  her passion for Dj’ing began.

After a period of time exploring the e-music by mixing and D-j’ing,  her interest in producing her own tracks became bigger and bigger. She started doing courses, workshops, master classes and …. you name it.

Phoebe realized that her passion and drive was bigger than just a couple of courses.

She wanted more. She decided to make it her profession and therefor she wanted a real education and graduation in this field.  Her dream came true:  she was admitted to the Conservatory in Haarlem to  study for E-musician.


Phoebe Ohayon is the kind of person paying lots of attention to every little detail and has the drive and passion in everything she does. She is totally dedicated to the electronic music.


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