Voice Experiences and AI Voices for Brands and Retailers

  AI Voice experiences for consumers
AI Voice experiences for consumers

With the number of growing connected devices, it’s no secret Voice will play a major role in our future, with voice assistance like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In 2017 already 69 million consumers used a voice assistant and 20% of them already made a voice-enabled purchase.

In a recent study, 83% of the consumers believe using voice makes it easier to find products and more than half of the teen in the U.S. use voice searches daily.

But how can brands and retailers deliver a voice experience that is not tied to devices like the Echo or Home but are implemented in their mobile app?

Voice branded interfaces are used to represent brands and companies using speech and learning technologies for their apps. The AI Voice can understand the brand’s vocabulary, products details, and services. For consumers an AI Voice implemented in an app is a new way to communicate easier, more intuitive and faster. Voice is even 3x faster than typing.

Combined with data an AI Voice understands what your consumers say and what to ‘reply’. The coolest thing about an AI Voice is that it keeps learning from all the data it gathers but is also able to update anytime with new data about your products or services.

And AI Voice can be implemented in any e-commerce mobile app, where consumers can describe what they are looking for in the branded app environment. This results in searches like, ‘’ Show me only red shoes’’ or ‘’Add size S to my cart’’. However, an AI Voice can not only listen but remembers what consumers said before. It can make combinations and show consumers the brown shoes as well. It allows consumers to find products more quickly, it improves brand loyalty and gives a memorable shopping experience. But most importantly, it creates a new way to build a relationship with your consumers. With retailers and brands owning their own voice experience, it gives them valuable data and an opportunity to develop their experience into valuable relationships with their customers. Instead of brands and retailers investing in a new developed voice environment, they can implement an AI Voice into their e-commerce app and improve shopping experiences.

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