Voice is a goldmine to improve our global health

Spectrogram AI article

In my last article about Sentiment Analysis, I mentioned an interesting tool called Moodies. This week I learned that the company behind this tool; Beyond Verbal, goes far beyond sentiment analysis. They use their technology to detect diseases and illnesses, like Coronary Artery Disease, Parkinson and Autism.

On XMed 2017, they talked about their technology using voice as a biomarker offering physicians a diagnostic decision aid for coronary artery disease. Combining this with additional personal data it supports the tailoring of healthcare services to individual needs.

Hospitals, Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare providers, etc. can use voice data, electronic medical records, personal data to diagnose in an earlier stage. As an alternative to super expensive body scans, everyone could record their voice and get access to tailored healthcare advise.

Amazon is already developing; Amazon Comprehend Medical (AMC) to better analyze medical data and could potentially revolutionize patient diagnosis. Michal K. Spencer wrote a great article about it on Medium.

Written by: Phoebe Ohayon | Partner, Voice Branding.

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