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Audio Branding Article

Audio: The Next Frontier in Branding

Brands of tomorrow are not build on advertising impressions, but on human experiences and interactions. The impressions we have of brands, whether this is by a voice, retail or visual experience, is what makes a brand: A Brand. If we ‘like’ the components in association with them, we have a ‘positive’ impression of the brand. However if the sound is disliked in association with the experiences, we almost never want to have that experience again.

Coming from a visual and text driven era and transforming to a more voice/auditive activated world, visual experiences will decrease or transform and audible branding experiences and opportunities arise. Companies and brands who haven’t thought about audio branding are a bit behind. Here is why: Just like visual branding, when you introduce new colors to your packaging or introduce a logo, it takes time to create these new associations with your brand. It takes time and research to build trust, brand associations and to be consistent.

So where to start? Let’s talk! Cause audio branding isn’t just a sound logo. That won’t cut it and doesn’t tell your full story. Together we figure out which capabilities and system must be in place to create your audio brand identity and brand experiences. Perhaps it sounds like ‘investing’ in a Rolls Royce, but there are many entry levels to create an audio brand identity. Each Brand can start.

Author: Phoebe Ohayon 

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