Speaking at #VOICE19 July 22-25 in Newark.


I’m really looking forward to be sharing the stage with #VoiceFirst pioneers and learn more about everyone’s expertise in this industry. With voicebranding.ai we are doing two workshops on voice-first audio branding & design principles.

On the first day of the summit the 22nd of July we will do a 3 hour workshop – Quick Guide: Voice-First Audio Branding . In this workshop we will dive into the audio branding elements and the principles to design for voice-first. On the 24th of July we will do a speedcourse recap in 45 minutes and dive more into the value of audio branding with a voice-first approach – Conversational Audio Branding & Design – Every Brand Has an Audio Identity. And last but not least an interesting panel on Sonic Branding: The Sound of Success together with Emily Binder and Audrey Arbeeny.

See the full schedule here in the Voice Summit’s 2019 Agenda. Hope to see you there. To schedule a meeting at the summit, please email me at phoebe@voicebranding.nl.

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