Voice-first Audio Design

We are coming from a text and visual driven era, where designers are more used to visual tools and software to be creative in. But when it comes to translating this creativity to audio, this is an expertise not a switch you can turn on or off. Whit voice experiences where audio is the main source of communication, it’s really helpful to have audio designers involved when designing an experience or service. Audio designers have trained ears to listen and perceive audio in a much more layered and depth full way. They know what is possible in audio design, and have skills to find and design creative solutions and content.

Audio design is about frequencies, melody, harmony, chords progressions, synthesizers, drum computers, instrumentation, samples, foley, rhythm, tempo and especially with voice-first technologies, elements such as intonation, pace, and intensity are extremely important in the dialogue design and influence whether consumers are having a good experience or not. All these audio elements influence the way we perceive audio in our daily lives, if we like an experience or not, if we trust a person or a voice or not, and if it supports the impression we have of a brand or not.

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