Phoebe Ohayon

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I’m Phoebe Ohayon, a designer, audio engineer, and founder of Whoozy Agency since 2015.

In my current role as head of design at Voice Branding (Part of Whoozy Agency), I help brands and corporations, from accelerating startups to Fortune 200s, design unique custom neural voices.

Besides that, I teach designers and creators audio.

I live in Amsterdam and operate globally, working with designers, branding, innovation, and product teams.

My background in audio engineering and my research and data-driven methods enable me to excel and provide value.

I’ve helped companies and organizations around the world to answer a simple but powerful question: What does your brand sound like?

How? Through Voice Branding & Sonic Branding. In other words, through leveraging the power of audio – creating unique brand voices and complete voice brand design systems.  


Send an email to to get in touch.

Yes, I do! I love speaking at meetups and large events such as the World innovation summit. For more information, send me an email at

Yes. I’ve done a couple of workshops recently, and I think workshops are a great way to teach participants about the power of sound. I often get designers interested in learning more about sound to capitalize on the emergent opportunity and prepare for the future. I have experience with groups of up to 100 people. I also enjoy design sprints and brainstorming sessions. Check out the In-house page for more information.

Yes, of course. I speak English and Dutch. For more information, please send me an email at

Please reach out to me via email ( I will follow up and send you a link you can use to schedule a 15 min one-on-one. 

Yes, yes, yes! I love to learn. Let’s explore how we can work together. Please reach out to me at