I'm an Analytical Designer

I am eager to uncover the impact of sound and speech on the unconscious mind. How does this influence your customer’s experience, and how can we use this in the audio identity of the brand. I help brands create meaning behind their audio identity and audible communications strategies with a scientific methodological approach.  

Research, Strategize, & Design.

I help companies and organizations to research, strategize, and design their audio brand. Whether it’s sound, speech, or overall audio identity, I help companies answer specific product questions or manage their overall audio branding strategy and communications. 

I value flexibility, ownership, data-driven decisions, and knowledgeable design and implement it into your company’s audio branding strategy. I have created a methodology to research, strategize, design, and manage your company’s audio brand identity.

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Design Work

I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company and one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Audio Branding

I’ve designed the audio branding for a health care company from the UK valued at more than $2 billion.

Voice Branding

I’ve designed a unique voice brand for the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands.

Speech Synthesis

Designing a Text-to-Speech  voice for the Dutch public broadcasting organization

Audio Identity
& Design

I’ve designed the UX sounds and audio branding strategy for the most popular Dutch app used behind the wheel by more than 2M users per day.

Immersive Audio

I designed sound and music for an interactive documentary that premiered at Tribeca Film festival. It was nominated for a “Gouden Kalf” (Dutch Oscars).

nederlandse gouden kalf nominatie
tribeca film festival nomination

Brand Voice Guidelines

I’ve researched and designed the Dutch brand voice for one of the most famous chips brands in the world.

Clients I worked for

As a speaker or inspirator

I speak, join panels, and give masterclasses and workshops at conferences and internal teams. I recently spoke at The Voice Tech Summit Middle East, Sonic Branding bytes from Women in Voice Worldwide, The World Innovation Summit 2020, Voice Global 2020, The Voice Tech Summit India, and many more. See my talks, presentations, and other involvements here.

Speaking or other educational inquiries, email me at:


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