I'm an Analytical Designer

I have an insatiable curiosity and passion for uncovering answers. I learn from every experience and I identify the obscure meaning behind every design, experience, and event. 

Design better audio experiences

I’ve helped companies and organizations with audio branding and content-related questions: How do we sonificate the brand? How should our virtual assistant speak on Alexa? Does the app need sound design? What kind of podcast content reaches my audience?

Most companies have extensive guidelines for their visual brand identity and content, but when it comes to sound… They realize it’s important, but haven’t figured out how to manage it.

That’s where I come in: I have designed a methodology to find answers in how to manage and design the audio brand identity.

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Audio Branding

I’ve designed the audio branding for a health care company from the UK valued at more than $2 billion.

Voice Branding

I’ve designed a unique voice brand for the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands.

Speech Synthesis

Designing a Text-to-Speech  voice for the Dutch public broadcasting organization

Audio Identity
& Design

I’ve designed the UX sounds and audio branding strategy for the most popular Dutch app used behind the wheel by more than 2M users per day.

Immersive Audio

I designed sound and music for an interactive documentary that premiered at Tribeca Film festival. It was nominated for a “Gouden Kalf” (Dutch Oscars).

nederlandse gouden kalf nominatie
tribeca film festival nomination

Brand Voice Guidelines

I’ve researched and designed the Dutch brand voice for one of the most famous chips brands in the world.

Other Clients I worked for

Speaking and Training

I like speaking and giving workshops to teams. I most recently spoke at The World Innovation Summit 2020, Women in Voice NL, Cross Media Congress 2019, Nederlands Media Netwerk TV, The BNR Voicecast and The Best Social Living Room.

As a trainer I educate and give workshops to companies, agencies and brands like Oxyma (a Merkle company), ASR verzekeringen, Patagonia, KRO NCRV, Vuur Agency, NRC Handelsblad , ONVZ.

I enjoy speaking about…

The essence of Audio Branding

Every Brand has an audio identity, whether you are managing it or not.

Creating a unique Brand Voice

Managing your brand identity through speech.


Sound & Speech design sprints.

How can sound optimize and elevate the user experience and customer journey.

Emotional vs. functional Audio design

Define the emotional and functional role of audio in your orginazation. 

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