Phoebe Ohayon

Gouden Kalf Nominee

With my label I am the lead designer for interactive 3D audio projects. One of the projects where I was the lead composer, mix engineer was nominated for a Gouden Kalf (The Dutch Oscars). Read here the full article in Dutch about the nomination:

Voice Tech Summit Middle east

Phoebe Ohayon presented a talk with the topic: ”Rapid Technological Advances shape Voice Branding Indispensability” She explains how voice branding is indispensable in Conversational AI where brands and companies are designing for Voice User Interfaces and how technological advances are accelerating this indispensability. She discusses the possible solution like a TTS Custom Voice and explains […]

Sonic Branding Bytes – Phoebe Ohayon

Phoebe Ohayon, Head of Design at values flexibility, ownership, data-driven decisions, and knowledgeable design and builds this into her award-winning Voice-First strategies for some of the world’s most successful brands.

Voice Global Presentation – Brands start to speak

Phoebe Ohayon was one of the keynotes on the mainstage of the Voice Global online conference. See her full talk ”Brands Start to speak” where she gives four pointers that need to be part of your research & approach to design a Voice Brand.

DIA Pro Nominee 2020

Phoebe Ohayon was nominated for a DIA Pro Best Talent for The Dutch Interactive Awards. The Best Talent is the professional whose name we must remember, who has worked in the digital sector for less than 3 years and whose achievements give a WTF! feeling. Candidates for Best in Talent further meet the criteria: edge […]

The Best Social Living Room

In The Best Social Living Room, Phoebe Ohayon tells about 8D audio (3D audio). After the hype around the 8D audio track from Billie Eilish, she will tell us more about the technique and what’s all the fuzz about.