UX Sound

I’ve designed the UX sounds and audio branding strategy for the most popular Dutch app used behind the wheel by more than 2M users per day.

Audio Branding

I’ve designed the audio branding for a health care company from the UK valued at more than $2 billion.

Voice Branding

I designed a Voice Brand strategy that delivers on the brand promise and adds to a positive user experience for a prestigious fortune 200.

Speech Synthesis

I developed a custom text-to-speech voice that optimizes and automates a user experience for a prestigious fortune 200.

Audio Identity
& Design

I’ve designed the sound of sustainability for the third biggest bank in the Netherlands.

Immersive Audio

I designed sound and music for a documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film festival. It was nominated for a “Gouden Kalf” (Dutch Oscars).

nederlandse gouden kalf nominatie
tribeca film festival nomination

Brand Voice Guidelines

I’ve designed a unique voice brand for the biggest insurance company and the most famous chips brand in the Netherlands.



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