Phoebe Ohayon

The distinction between Voice & Speech

The terms voice and speech are sometimes confused. Here’s the distinction between the terms voice and speech:  “Voice” refers to sound produced in the human vocal tract.  “Speech” is the signal produced by modulating voice into meaningful patterns. Other examples of terms that are often confused are “sound” and “audio.” Do you know the difference? And […]

5 principles to help you understand the value of a custom (AI) brand voice.

Why do you need a custom AI voice? Why would you invest in building a unique on-brand voice to enhance your products and services if you can also choose a standard (off-the-shelf) voice? Most people can see the value of having a custom brand voice. But it rarely happens that everyone within a company is […]

The voice of Batman versus Barbie. How the persona of a product shapes the voice choice.

How does the persona of a product shape its voice? As designers, we constantly make decisions that affect how users interact with products. This article will explore how product persona shapes voice choice and design. Let’s take a look at some factors to consider. How persona shapes the voice choice. Anthropomorphism Let’s start with Anthropomorphism. […]

NFTs + Voice AI: the future of digital collectibles

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new kind of digital asset that is becoming more popular by the day. Unlike traditional digital assets, NFTs are unique and cannot be replicated. This makes them perfect for digital collectibles, such as rare video games, avatars, exclusive artwork or music, etc. I’ll explore how NFTs are changing the landscape […]

Sonic Branding: The Essential Principles.

Nowadays, sonic branding is becoming increasingly popular. Big corporations and brands are jumping in to optimize their sonic branding. But what is it? Sonic branding uses sound to create a unique identity for a product or company. It can be used in advertising, marketing, customer service, product interfaces, etc. There are many ways to use […]

Auditory Superpowers with Daniel Colaianni | Phoebe Ohayon

In this podcast episode, Phoebe talks with Daniel Colaianni from AIXR (The Academy of International Extended Reality) about giving people auditory superpowers using a combination of advanced technology. Want to listen to this episode on another podcast channel? Click here, and find the channel that suits you best. Apple Podcast Google Podcast Anchor

The Voices of Tiktok 🎤

The Voices of Tiktok 🎤

  Tiktok started with a default text-to-speech voice that resulted in a lawsuit. Learn how they developed multiple custom text-to-speech voices users use for Tiktok videos.  

The plausibility of speech.

In Voice AI, it’s often the flexibility in speaking styles that can draw in users and make speech plausibility. Think about, for example, the news. Happy light news requires a different delivery than more severe and heavy news.  This is because speech and context are intimately linked.  What do you believe makes a great “serious […]